Road rage truck driver gets ‘instant karma’

TAMPA, FL — One man’s road rage became instant karma on a highway in Florida this week — and it was all caught on video.

A Florida woman used her phone to record a guy in a pickup tailgating her. She was in the fast lane of state highway 41, doing a little over 55 in a 50 mile per hour zone as he pressured her. Finally he cut into the right lane.

And went by waving an upraised finger. Then he dropped back and pulled alongside, giving her another middle finger salute. But maybe he should have kept his hands and all of his fingers on the wheel because when he cut in front of her he crashed. The laughing lady pulled over and called 911.

The Florida Highway Patrol tells CNN that the driver of the pickup, 33-year-old Jeffrey White, fled the scene and was later arrested at his Tampa home based on information gained from the woman’s video. White was charged with leaving the scene of a traffic crash, careless driving and failing to wear a seatbelt.

The video caused road rage in the comments sections of websites posting it. “stay out of the left lane you Prius driving sissy!!! Get out of the way.” #1 we don’t think it was a Prius and #2, she says she was getting ready to make a left turn. Still “he’s speeding and you’re playing with your phone to film him doing it. You were both in the wrong.”

Someone even turned the video into a “silent picture” calling her fast lane driving atrocious. The woman has now disabled comments below her video because so many were rude and even included death threats.

We couldn’t get hold of either driver to comment on the road rage incident.

But the woman wasn’t ticketed.

You know what she could have used? Some road rage cards. Actually maybe he could have used some too.

Each phrase comes in reverse so you can insult someone looking at you in their rear view mirror. See how they can refuse road rage. As for the karma angle of the crash, one poster noted how the “crunch” was so satisfying.

But not as satisfying as that laugh.

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