Road rage karma caught on video: Redneck flips bird, loses control of his truck

A driver in Florida was recently caught on video glorying in a bit of self-absorbed road rage. In the same video, he found out that the karmic wheel turns full circle — and sometimes it turns really, really quickly.

Huffington post reported March 27 that one Florida Driver (the handle used by the “Redneck Road Rage” video uploader) took the footage while on the highway in Tampa. Apparently the male driver of a vehicle following Florida Driver had been tailgating for some time, so she decided that perhaps a video recording of what appeared to be a road rage incident in progress was in order.

“I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane,” Florida Driver noted in the video description, “and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were.”

When Florida Driver pulls away from traffic on her right, the enraged guy behind her suddenly veers into the right lane and flies past her. He then slows down, then speeds up to keep pace, shooting her the bird.

Unfortunately for Road Rage Driver, those same slick roads that Florida Driver was attempting to navigate with care became hazardous to his health, engaging his suddenly no longer in-flight finger and its nine colleagues in an effort to gain control of his speeding vehicle.

In the video, Road Rage Driver loses control of his truck, fishtailing ahead of Florida Driver. He then slides through an intersection, going sideways into the median, then slams violently into a light pole. Thankfully, no oncoming traffic was there to meet the runaway vehicle.

As Florida Driver glides on past, she yells, “That’s what you get! All on video, buddy!” Her joy at the guy’s sudden face-to-face with karmic-laced misfortune was evident in her voice. The mocking laughter was also a good indicator she was enjoying the sudden turn of events.

She notes in the video description that the guy was unhurt in the self-made accident and fled the scene. She adds that he was later caught “thanks to this video” by the police.

The video has gone viral, racking up over 7.5 million views since it was posted on March 26.

The ignominy of being the star of a road rage episode gone horribly wrong on YouTube might have been a pretty awful thing to endure — had that been the end of Road Rage Driver’s problems. Well, that, and the fact that he had crashed his truck.

But Huffington Post discovered that the Redneck Road Rage Driver and Instant Karma recipient was one Jeffrey Travis White. It would appear that White decided to abandon his vehicle after the wreck. Florida Highway Patrol wrote in a release: “Using information contained in the video provided by the witness, State Troopers located White at his Tampa residence and arrested him for Leaving the Scene of a Traffic Crash, Careless Driving and failing to wear his seatbelt.”

Too bad TruTV doesn’t make those “Top 20 Most Shocking…” shows any more. The “Redneck Road Rage/Instant Karma” video definitely would have been a contender for inclusion.