Police: Stolen car driven by teen overturns on lawn of Orlando home

The young driver of a stolen car lost control of the vehicle and ended up in the lawn of an Orlando home Tuesday, according to police.

“Well, when I saw that car turned over I was, ‘Oh my God,’” said witness Malcolm Seft.

Several residents told Channel 9′s Deneige Broom that they had the same reaction when they saw the overturned car in a yard on Carter Street, next to State Road 408.

“It was a big boom, boom,” one resident said, describing the sounds of the crash. “I just seen the car sliding down the road.”

Orlando police said they aren’t exactly sure where the car came through the nearby intersection of Easy Avenue and Carter Street.
 The car hit a curb and then went into the yard.

“That’s a tragedy. That’s a tragedy. I’m surprised they lived, because that car is kind of mangled,” said Seft.

Police said the Honda was stolen in Seminole County and the three people inside were all under the age of 18.

Two of the teens were taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital.   

Police said the teen driver jumped from of the demolished car and ran, but officers caught him.

Police have not released the names of the car’s occupants, or the conditions of those who were injured.