Police: Drag racing may have led to a fatal crash


Orlando police say drag racing may have led to a fatal crash, in which a woman was killed when she was struck by a motorcyclist off South Kirkman Road on Wednesday.

Stephen James Penland, 23, is facing a long list of charges after police say he was driving his motorcycle next to two other motorcycles when he struck the woman.

Penland was traveling northbound with the two other bikers just before midnight on Wednesday, and according to a witness, “seemed to be acting irresponsible.”  That witness recorded the incident.  Police haven’t released that video to the media yet, but according to the report, the responding officer said “the three drivers maintained a close distance to each other as they were drag racing.”

Police say Penland called a friend to get help to pick up his motorcycle after the crash.  He was waiting for him at a nearby fast food restaurant when police arrested him.

He is charged with vehicular homicide, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and leaving the scene of an accident with death.

Penland remains in jail on a more than $5,000 bond.