Interstate 4 eastbound lanes closed in Polk for overpass repair work

Repair work on an Interstate 4 railroad overpass continued Sunday in Polk County, prompting the closure of the eastbound lanes.

Repair work wrapped up around 8 p.m., at which I-4 reopened to traffic between West Memorial Boulevard (Exit 28) and U.S. 98 (Exit 32).

On Saturday, the westbound lanes were closed.

CSX is making repairs at the I-4 Kathleen Road overpass in Lakeland. As a result, the highway under the bridge was closed for safety purposes.

All traffic was diverted onto West Memorial Boulevard. Drivers heading east to Orlando were encouraged to use the Polk Parkway as a detour to reconnect with I-4 just west of State Road 559. Tolls will be suspended for eastbound traffic on the Polk Parkway during this time.

Officials said drivers who take advantage of the Polk Parkway detour should take note of the following:

  • Motorists should slow down when approaching the toll plaza, but should not stop.  Vehicles behind you will not be expecting you to stop.
  • Be prepared for delays or sudden, unexpected stops near the toll plazas; maintain proper spacing between vehicles.
  • All Polk Parkway entrance and exit ramps between mileposts 2 and 23 remain open during the detour.
  • The posted speed limit of 25 m.p.h. near the toll plazas will be strictly enforced.  Speeding fines double through the toll plazas when workers are present.
  • The northern/eastern seven miles of the Polk Parkway (between mileposts 18-25) is a two-lane roadway, featuring two-way traffic.
  • No passing is permitted between mileposts 18-25.
  • Motorists who have a SunPass or E-Pass in their vehicle will not be charged a toll.
  • Do not attempt to back up in a toll lane.
  • Stay in your lane when exiting the toll plaza.  Attempting to change lanes or jockey for position near the plaza will only result in additional delays and backups and could result in a crash.
  • Do not pull over and exit your vehicle near a toll plaza.  If your vehicle becomes disabled, pull over into the grass on the right side of the roadway, turn on your hazard lights and wait inside your vehicle for help to arrive.
  • Additional law enforcement personnel will be patrolling the Polk Parkway this weekend to ensure the safety of motorists.