Fox affiliate airs penis picture on live TV


KDVR anchors react after a photo of a man’s penis is shown on live TV.

Fox affiliate KDVR, a Denver TV station, accidentally aired a photo of a man’s penis during a broadcast about the helicopter crash in Seattle Tuesday.

Shocked viewers captured the embarassing segment and it was quickly circulated via YouTube, Vine and Twitter. 

Anchor Kirk Yuhnke is speaking and scrolling through photos when a picture of a man standing with his genitals exposed appears on screen for a few seconds. His colleagues gasp in horror before regaining their composure.

KDVR hasn’t issued any sort of apology, but according to The Denver Post, viewers can expect an explanation in time.

“We are going to make a public statement. We are not ready to comment about any potential action against employees. That’s a personnel matter,” KDVR’s news director told The Post.

It seems viewers are ready for that apology. KDVR’s Facebook page has been flooded with people asking about the incident and poking fun at the on-air flub.

A YouTube video of the incident has been removed, but it’s still available through other social media outlets. To watch a Vine video of the incident, click here — please note, this is uncensored and not safe for work. A longer version of the video is available on Deadspin’s website here, again, the video is uncensored.