Fatal gyrocopter crash cause still unknown

Fatal gyrocopter crash cause still unknown

CRASH investigators say it is too early to tell what caused
a gyrocopter to fall from the sky and crash into a paddock on the South Coast.

A member of the public called police about 10:30am yesterday
(Sunday) after the gyrocopter came down while flying over a dairy farm at
Brundee, near Nowra.

The 65-year-old pilot from Nowra, the sole occupant, died at
the scene.

Nowra Police Inspector John Behrendt says witnesses told
police the gyrocopter hit the ground hard.

“There were people on the road and the owners of property
across the road saw the aircraft come down,” he’s told Sydney media.

Gyrocopters are popular for recreational flying but are also
used for mustering on farms.

Two inspectors from the Australian Sports Rotorcraft
Association (ASRA) have been sent to the scene to help with the investigation.

ASRA president Paul Campbell says there’s no reason to
believe the gyrocopter was being used for mustering.

Mr Campbell says it’s too early to say what caused the

“Gyrocopters are very safe in regards to their design and
construction,” he says.

“There has not been any common thread why accidents have
happened in the past.”

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been notified
about the crash but ASRA carries out investigations into gyrocopter crashes,
reports say.