Android KitKat 4.4 reportedly crashes less than iOS 7.1

A new report from Crittercism has revealed iOS is not as stable as one might think and Android has taken the lead when it comes to stability, with Google’s newer versions of the operating system the least likely to crash.

The information comes from one billion active monthly users who create more than three billion active events daily. Crittercism has been able to take this data and show on a percentage scale how much an operating system is likely to crash, this is quantitative and doesn’t really tell us what is most likely to make the OS crash, but it is still valuable.

On Android’s side, the most volatile version is Gingerbread 2.3 at 1.7 percent crash rate. Google ran into problems when Honeycomb 3.2 failed to take off, because for a full year the most used OS was Gingerbread and it started to plague Google when trying to update old devices onto Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat all appear to have equal crash rates, at 0.7 percent, the best out of previous versions on both Android and iOS. Google has been rolling out incremental changes and it appears the big update on ICS was enough to lower crash rates to an impressive number.

On the iOS side, things don’t look so great, with iOS 6 at a 2.6 percent crash rate, higher than Gingerbread. iOS 7 dropped it down to 2.1 percent, but that is still a higher crash rate than Gingerbread and goes to show how Apple’s iPhones and iPads simply cannot handle some tasks.

iOS 7.1 does bring the crash rate down to 1.7 percent, levelling it with Gingerbread. This is again not good enough for people buying smartphones over $600, to have it running a platform that crashes more than a three year old Android version.

Apple has always had pride on their platforms, making sure they are more secure and well built than Windows and Android. Tim Cook and other executives like to always show graphs of how they’re beating Android in the mobile space, despite Android having 70 percent dominance in the market.

It appears Android is also ahead when it comes to crash rate, although this could simply be because Android phones tend to have better specifications to make sure all apps will run smoothly, whereas some apps for iOS tend to be incapable of running at a smooth rate.